For all of his adult life Tom Warren has been in the business of helping people learn. In his latest book, the fictional main character must learn. This fellow keeps trying, but it’s difficult.

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Cleaning The Basement

“Cleaning The Basement” (As of 12.21.20)

This collection of developing essays could ultimately become a memoir that tries to be accurate as it reconstructs parts of my past.
The Learner | Thomas Franklin Warren

Beloit Author Warren Mixes Religion, Golf in Novel – Beloit Daily News

"I think to really learn something you need to teach it," Warren said. "Students may not always learn it, but you do."
Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

So, has 2017 been a good year, or not so good? Gulp. It’s tempting to go on about leadership that has fallen, role models who have disappointed, and our individual aches and pains.

Draft foretaste of novel I am working on

The Learner
This is the story of a young man fresh out of seminary who becomes the pastor of a church seeking a new leader.
Mim Rachel & Tom

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year | 2016

As always we treasure this season of music and hope in the midst of family and friends.
Gawd and Gawf | Tom Warren

Gawd & Gawf!

Do you know people who love (or at least are very interested in) the competing religions that center around golf AND God?
Sully Movie Still

An unexpected reaction to “Sully”

Last evening my wife Mim and I along with some friends went to see the movie Sully. | Tom Warren

A Novel Idea: WisconsinWatch Article

Thank you to Wisconsin Watch and contributor Mara Jezior for their write up.
SLU Presentation on Cuba | Tom Warren

Presentation on Cuba to SLU

Here is Tom Warren presenting a talk on Cuba to the Beloit Society for Learning Unlimited (SLU) in the fall of 2015.
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