Discovering Lake Superior and the Upper Michigan Peninsula | Tom Warren

Beloit Daily News-Article

I am delighted by the book review that Debra DeHart-Jensen of the Beloit Daily News wrote on Tuesday, November 16 regarding my latest effort Discovering Lake Superior and the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Most of the publicity and sales have been in the Western UP.  The BDN and Debra have helped to spread the word in this Wisconsin-Illinois stateline area and the response has been delightful.

For the full article “Between the Lines”

Tom and Mim Warren


Dear friends:

This website is an attempt to share some of my activities, images and thoughts.   Blatantly,  I am pitching my latest non-academic books.  Some of you are aware of them; others don’t even realize I do this sort of thing.  In any event, I hope you take some time to explore this site.

I find endless fascination in some topics that have resulted in or are planned to become books or presentations.  They include Beloit (Wisconsin), golf, Lake Superior,  journalism,  spirituality, and must recently, Cuba.     I’m also interested in toy trains, travel, Roy Chapman Andrews (the explorer), Cameroon, crossword puzzles,   photography, and grandfatherhood.  I am still a learner in all of these pursuits.