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Looking back … WAAAAY back

Here’s a sizable chunk of our annual holiday letter for 2013.   This year it’s easy for us to mix personal highlights with those acted out on a larger stage:   Two thousand thirteen has been a noteworthy year for us highlighted by our fiftieth  wedding anniversary celebration, a delightful gathering with much of Mim’s […]

Beloit College Buffalos

Discovering Beloit

Update on Discovering Beloit: Stories Too Good to be True? I’m inching along.   Each sentence is a little challenge, and these days I’m eliminating or shortening many of them. I share the latest drafts with readers, and they respond.  Always with meaningful advice or corrections.  I incorporate much of it, but the main task […]

Beloit College Chain Gang

Progress on my novel…

I’m inching ahead on a novel.  Here is some evidence: Author Introduction to a pre-publication draft of Discovering Beloit Stories Too Good to be True? This is a book of fiction with doses of fantasy.  It focuses on what I hope could happen to Beloit, to baseball, to old men and women, to religion, to […]

Discovering Beloit by Tom Warren

Discovering Belwah

I am plugging along on my book called Discovering Belwah: Stories too good to be true?  The end is starting to come into sight and hopefully it will be available as an eBook as well as in print format during  2013.  In the meantime, here are some preview questions and comments: Who might read and enjoy […]

Discovering Lake Superior and the Upper Michigan Peninsula | Tom Warren

Beloit Daily News-Article

I am delighted by the book review that Debra DeHart-Jensen of the Beloit Daily News wrote on Tuesday, November 16 regarding my latest effort Discovering Lake Superior and the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Most of the publicity and sales have been in the Western UP.  The BDN and Debra have helped to spread the […]