Tom and Mim Warren


Dear friends: This website is an attempt to share some of my activities, images and thoughts.   Blatantly,  I am pitching my latest non-academic books.  Some of you are aware of them; others don’t even realize I do this sort of thing.  In any event, I hope you take some time to explore this site. […]

Costa Rica Friends

Wooden toucan in Costa Rica

This creature represents some real colorful feathered friends that I saw in Costa Rica.  

Nature Imitating Nature

Nature Imitating Nature

A photo of a Porkies tree that looks like a dinosaur.

Fall Colors | Lake Superior

Fall Colors

Paul's Computer Institute

Paul’s Computer Institute

Paul’s Computer Institute I am a trustee of this school in Cameroon.  It was founded by Paul Mickelson, a retired Beloit, Wisconsin Fire Fighter who entered the Peace Corps and became fascinated by and responsive to the needs of this West African country.   Please consult the website to learn more about it.