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  1. Steve Heaviland
    Steve Heaviland says:

    Good morning Tom
    I picked up your book on a recent visit to take a 2nd look at a piece of Lake Superior property ( The Shores at 10 Mile Point – 3 and 1/2 acres with 200 feet of sandy L.S. beach) near Ontonagon around Thanksgiving. While visiting the museum in town, I came across your book and immediately felt drawn to it so I bought it. I just finished your book having read and re-read all of it. Sigard Olsen is also a favorite Northwoods author of mine and I love your quotes. I also love your varied descriptions of the Superior and your obvious love for the land and lake come through in your writing. I spent my high school years growing up in Marquette living a block or so away from Superior and I too fell in love with the lake. I am now at age 54 and feeling called to spend more time near the lake. While perusing the internet looking for Lake Superior properties around the U.P., I came across this piece of land. My first initial visit to the property was in early Oct. on a beautiful Autumn day with the real estate broker. I immediately fell in love with the property – the sandy beach, the hardwoods and hemlocks, the western exposure, and simply the wildness of the land and lake. For 4 months I have been prayerfully doing my do-diligence (costs for infrastructure, etc. and also looking at other properties around the U.P.) Quite honestly I have not found anything close to comparing to this piece of land near Ontonagon ( I love this little town as well). Reading your book was incredible insightful and informative in giving me a better feel for the what it is like living in this “neck of the woods and Lake.” I love the fact that it is close to the Porkies and the Sylvania Wilderness area which you point out in your book. Tom, I would love to have a conversation with you if you are open to it. I am close to a decision to buying the property and yet still have a few questions so I felt led to write you. I would love to hear back from you via e-mail and if its appropriate would love to talk with you. Thanks, Tom.
    Blessings to you and Mim and the rest of your family.

    Steve Heaviland

  2. Becky Woodley
    Becky Woodley says:

    I bought your book, Discovering…when we were up at the Porkies last year. We have been coming up there every year since 1998 and look forward to another year this year. We tent camp at White Pine Extension in #7 if it’s open, if it’s not, we wait and nab it at the first chance we get…old habits die hard. We have hiked all of the trails and do more investigating them every year!! We love it up there and think of it as “Our Vacation Home”. Everyone knows by now that we go there and don’t bother to ask where we’re going on vacation!! I enjoyed the book while we were vacationing and am re-reading it now to keep me from being homesick. We plan on starting on vacation the weekend of Labor Day and will be there for appx. 14 days +-. If you every get bored when you’re there and want to take a drive out we’d love to gab with ya. Becky and Larry Woodley

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