Discovering Beloit | Tom Warren

Discovering Beloit, the novel. It’s out.


Discovering Beloit: Stories Too Good to be True?

A novel by Tom Warren

This tale takes place a few years into the future. It features a Beloit, Wisconsin, high school journalism teacher and his class. He is frustrated by the disappearance of investigative journalism that has accompanied the decline of traditional newspapers. They call this teacher Gov, like in Governor. Gov says,  “All around us are untold stories. Some must be allowed to rest in private. Others need to be told, and some must be told!”


Gov’s students dig up stuff that at first glance seems un-believable. Certainly, many readers will think these things couldn’t happen in Beloit . . . Could they?

Ex-convicts teaching at Beloit College?

Major league baseball here, in little ol’ Belwah?

Vibrant main-line churches?

Violence and love in Oakwood Cemetery?

A goofy new industry?

Motivated matrons?

A herd of old Buffaloes?

A world famous chef?

A death-defying turtle?

Love after death?

Spies snooping around?


They could and they do. Happen. And they need to be told.

Is this the Beloit of our future, or our present? Well, things change and things that stay the same become better known. In the meantime, endangered species try to hang on.


All profits are donated to non-profit organizations that support investigation or the community of Beloit.  Purchase the book it at the following places: In Beloit:   Turtle Creek Bookstore and Visit Beloit; On line: Barnes & Noblel, Amazon, or iUniverse.