Lake Superior worries

Lake Superior Shore

Whenever I talk to my California friends these days the conversation easily moves toward the drought there.  It is serious and I hope it ends soon.  Predictably, I say to them “I wish we could send some of our Lake Superior water to you.”  Sigh.  Yes.  Again this year the lake is up – seven inches according to the last report I heard – and I expect that our previously gorgeous, big beach will not exist.

In the early 1970s, when I would go to our recently purchased property to camp for a few days, Beloit friends who were more established with cabins in the woods by the shore would say, “Check our our beach.  See if we have one.”  Well, they always had one.  Sometimes like in the mid- to late-1980s it was narrow as the lake reached a high point in the ebb and flow of yearly levels BUT NEVER WAS THEIR OR OUR BEACH GONE.   I fear that this year they will be – gone, the beaches – under water.  I wish we could send some of it to California.

Fog moving in

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