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Looking back … WAAAAY back

Here’s a sizable chunk of our annual holiday letter for 2013.   This year it’s easy for us to mix personal highlights with those acted out on a larger stage:  

Two thousand thirteen has been a noteworthy year for us highlighted by our fiftieth  wedding anniversary celebration, a delightful gathering with much of Mim’s family joining us up north.  Fifty years . . . Good grief.   The nineteen sixties don’t seem that far back into the past for us, but it must look like ancient history for many.   When we were married on June 29, 1963, fifty years back from then was 1913 – before World War I. . . . ancient history.  The older we get, the closer even those times are through the rear view mirror.   Interesting.

Nineteen sixty-three registered as a special year for us in other ways.  The JFK assassination was burned into our memories, and we relived the scenes in November this year as if it were yesterday.    And reliving the 1963 March on Washington made us thankful for progress but frustrated by the increasing gap between rich and poor.

Twenty-thirteen kept up our sweet rhythms of recent years: spending lots of time at our Lake Superior cabin, visiting our relatives in Chattanooga over Thanksgiving, and welcoming our English “brother” Mike Savage during late summer.  We also became better acquainted with the ancestral land and family history of Rachel’s husband, David Morrissey, during a fascinating visit to Ireland with his parents, Ann and Michael.  (They could be professional tour guides).

We stay active on various fronts in Beloit, and like what we see happening here.  Lots of new families have re-energized the place with their time and talents. Our favorite vocation is still occasional kid-sitting grandsons Jack & Will in Wheaton, Illinois.  That’s a bit of paradise.