Beloit College Buffalos

Discovering Beloit

Update on Discovering Beloit: Stories Too Good to be True?

I’m inching along.   Each sentence is a little challenge, and these days I’m eliminating or shortening many of them.

I share the latest drafts with readers, and they respond.  Always with meaningful advice or corrections.  I incorporate much of it, but the main task remains:  How can I tell a tale of troubled newspapers and diminishing investigative journalism while tantalizing people about Beloit, Wisconsin . . . a very interesting place.

I am constantly walking through the places I write about in Discovering Beloit . . . on the way to the “Buffaloes” on campus many weekdays at 10:00, inside college buildings, and throughout town.  Especially Oakwood Cemetery and the college playing fields.    I feel very close to the scenes that I am describing.   My challenge: make them seductive to readers.

The targeted readership will be present and past residents of Beloit along with people who have been associated with Beloit College.    The trick is to play on what these folks have experienced while sparking the interest of non-Beloiters, like readers from Milwaukee, Chicago, or the Wisconsin diaspora anywhere.

Please stay tuned.